Women's Business Speed Networking Night

This is NOT a webinar, join us for an interactive and LIVE session, where you'll meet other ladies and walk away with an action plan to transform your life.

August 17th @ 7:30 PM ET - Limited spots available

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How Does it Work?


Sign up for the event and show up ready to network and participate!


You'll be broken into virtual rooms of 3-4 other ladies to learn more about each other, and to complete exercises about our topic!


Rinse and repeat! You’ll do this a few more times so you can meet A TON of women who are killing it!

Who can join?

Meet other women who are passionate about entrepreneurship and business, and share resources, tools, and knowledge to help you on your journey. 

November 9th @ 12:30pm ET

Women’s Virtual Speed Networking

This is an interactive event for women in business, entrepreneurship, and real estate! If you’re a woman in the industry, this is a chance to meet other ladies on your level and form true connections.

This is an INTERACTIVE session, where you’ll be able to meet other like-minded businesswomen. If you’re a woman in business and can relate to the following:

Struggling to meet other business woman on the same level

Feeling stuck and unable to grow your business or career

Wanting to meet other women within your industry who can help your business

Missing the personal connection with other ladies in your life who can relate to you

Needing to expand your networking and foster opportunities for your life and business

This session is for you! Click the button above to apply and we’ll let you know if you qualify for our event.

Our Special Guests

Heather Blankenship

Why We Keep Our Speed Networking Events Small...


We want to bring together women who are already taking action in their business lives. If this sounds like you, you'll fit right now! And taking action can be as little as doing research, to as much as doing multiple deals!


We want to keep the session small, so the ladies get a chance to meet as many women as possible. It’s amazing to meet successful  businesswomen from all different industries. 


We want to ensure that if someone signs up, they are committed to showing up for the session. There’s only a limited number of spots and we want to maximize participation for the best experience.

Our Last Networking Session Had Women Who...


per year earners


units of real estate properties


employees managed

How our Virtual Networking Events Work…


You’ll meet the host, Heather Blankenship, and she’ll explain the goal of the session, and explain how it’s going to work.


You’ll be broken into rooms of 3-4 people to meet and talk about all things business. Afterwards, we’ll switch into different rooms a couple more times. 


There will be an open Q&A session and discussion to ask any questions you may have about business, real estate, investing, or more. 

Heather Blankenship

Heather primarily focuses on RV Parks, Mobile Home Parks, and section 8 Multifamily properties with a $30M+ portfolio. With nearly 11 years of experience as an investor and niche broker covering RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, Heather has supported nearly $300M of transactions in the industry, and currently owns over 300 units.Since leaving her Managing Director role at a highly regarded brokerage, Heather has begun charting her own path as an educator in the RV Park Industry. She is also the founder of The Society of Entrepreneurial Women, a community of over 200 women in business and entrepreneurship who are determined to become wealthy in all areas of life.